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Now What?

It’s the typical work day. You get up, dress yourself, drive to work, grab your morning coffee, go to your desk, check your emails, work on a couple projects, eat lunch, check more emails, watch the clock until the end of the day, and finally, you go home. Everyday is same same, but different. Which really puts a damper in things. You get stuck, you can’t think, you can’t brainstorm, you’re just in a rut. It feels like you are failing at everything! You’re trying things over and over and just can’t seem to get your creative juices flowing. So now what?
Well, do you remember Dory - the blue fish with short term memory loss? Guess what she did to remind herself of 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney? She swam! She moved around! And as funny and as simple as it sounds, it truly works!
So when you’re stuck in a rut and you feel like you’re getting nothing done, take a walk. When you have a chance to get that blood flowing, and get away from that computer screen you’ve been staring at ALL day, take it! Y…

Mine. Mine. Mine.

So you’re good at your job. You always have your projects in on time. You bring in money. And the customers love you. However, you love to do everything yourself! No delegation. No sharing. No nothing. Mine. Mine. Mine.

We mean, sometimes in the short term, this is exactly what you need to do to get the job done. Sometimes you need to take action to make sure that everything is ready to present to your prospective clients, or even just complete a job that needs to be done in the office. But, in the long term, you will wear yourself down, be consistently tired, stress yourself out, and even stress your colleagues out!

So take a step back, take a load off, and delegate! Find out which of your colleagues have the skills you need to get the job done. You don’t want to be known as one of those annoying seagulls, where everything is consistently “mine.” So just breathe, plan and strategize with your co-workers, split up the work, and trust that they can do just as great as you can, if not be…